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Sun 1st Mar 2020

Day off in Parma

Sunday 01/03/2020 — Day 46

So the focus of the visit in Parma was more about blogging then exploring… I felt like I had a lot to catch up on, and the weather forecast was for heavy rain, so it seemed like a good excuse.

The day started slowly as it had been a late night the night before. Schedules all seem a little crazy with the kids off school because of Coronavirus. I had some tea, caught up on Greys and started to upload the photos for the blog. Made sure some of the general admin tasks were done like laundry and route review. Then breakfast with everyone before I decided to risk the rain.

At the advice of Bia, I went to check out the frescoes in the main Cathedral. Wow is all I can say… it was amazing! The photos in no way do it justice. I did some general wandering, enjoying the hams hanging in the shop windows, before heading to a bookshop to start writing.

Sitting in the bookshop was lovely, there was a cafe/restaurant so I got some lunch which was a roll with Parma ham in it (I couldn’t not have Parma ham in Parma!) Once I had got through some of the writing I went for another walk to check out the second writing place suggested.

The second blogging spot was in a converted star fort, most of it made into a park and the building was a community space with a cafe. It was a lovely atmosphere and very chilled.

More blogging until it was dark and it closed, before I headed back to hang out with everyone and have another lovely meal and craziness. Eventually got my head down for some more sleep but was having to much fun with everyone.

Warmshowers host family… thank you so much everyone!

Despite the less than favourable weather it was a great to stop and relax a bit, and to catch up with things. Thanks again to my amazing hosts… next stop with a bit of luck will hopefully be in Venice!

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It was a pleasure to welcome you, learn and listen to your stories, we are following the Blog and sending good vibes on your journey. Big hug from the 4 of us!

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