A collection of cycling adventures and other thoughts


Here is a list of websites I have found really useful when learning about bikes, planning my trip or general attitude to life.

  • Tom’s Bike Trip
    • I read this blog end to end, it’s filled with so much good information about touring and the just getting out there to do it no matter what gear you have
  • Gobi/Bike
    • An amazing adventure by a kick butt lady that is the inspiration behind my blog (and much better written!). Full of useful information and a real snapshot of what life on the road cycling can be like. Another blog I have read end to end!
  • Cycling About
    • Brilliant for technical insights from a touring point of view and Alee is living on the road! The bike gear discussions are very useful. I am not much into watching videos but he does regular videos for those that enjoy them
  • Bikepacking.com
    • Articles from people doing tours and selecting/testing gear with a focus as the name suggests on the bike packing flavour of touring, but a useful source for route ideas around the world and different views on gear
  • Crazy Guy on a Bike
    • I only scratch the surface of what seems to be on this website, kinda the cross between a blog and a forum but good for information on equipment and places. Seems to be more focused on the traditional touring mindset.
  • Warmshowers
    • A cycle tourist hosting community, if you’re not a member and have any intention of touring I so strongly recommend you sign up and get hosting! It is a fantastic way to meet other cyclists and hear of their adventures, ideas on equipment and meet like minded people. And in return you get access to places to stay when you’re on tour which can be a nice break or change of pace. I have been hosting for nearly a year and have met many wonderful people. I do get a high number of requests due to being based near to a port with ferries to France and Spain.
  • Facebook Group – Adventure Queens
    • This one is for women only (sorry guys) but it is a great encouraging community based mostly in the UK that encourages women to be more bad ass in the out doors. There are discussions and questions posted about all sorts of things from moon cups, bivvy and bikes to adventures and invites to events. Even if you are already bad ass it is worth joining to share your joy.
  • Facebook Group – Bicycle Travelling Women
    • A global community of female cyclist sharing ideas, advice and issues. I find it fantastic to hear what others are doing and what adventures they have planned.
  • Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Gearing
    • This particular bit of Sheldon Brown’s website is sooo useful when considering gearing and calculating it all. I have not explored the rest of the site in much detail but there looks to be some good detail but some bits may be a little dated.
  • The Man in Seat Sixty-One
    • Good for transport advise when looking at trains and ferries for all countries.

Those are some of the major websites I have looked at, read or follow over the year and a bit I have been getting into cycle touring and planning the Big Adventure. Of course duckduckgo (I am a little bit google adverse) is your friend in finding any information you want!