A collection of cycling adventures and other thoughts

About me

Well this is me…


I am a 5′ 2″ and half (the half is important!) woman from Britain. I have a cat called Tia Maria who I adore, and currently up until very recently worked as a System Engineer. And as a word of warning I cannot spell to save my life!

I enjoy a lot of activities, dabbling in surfing, climbing, lindy hop and running but the two that have definitely stuck are sailing and cycling. I like the touring and adventure side of cycling rather than the racing or mountain bike styles. Sailing I will take any way I can get, though in recent years this has mostly been racing in the Solent and occasionally further afield. #fastnet2019 😉

Not sure what else to say, I got into cycling to avoid having to spend loads of money on train fares and to avoid driving/commuting in my (somewhat unreliable) car. This worked so well I sold my car in 2018 and haven’t looked back.

I also like creating, such as DIY on my house, sewing and knitting. I have tried my hand at painting and baking. I enjoy cooking, reading and watching all sorts of shows on my computer. I have been creating things such as bike bags for my adventure, and generally researching a lot!

Having never had a gap year or time off from the conventional life route (school, university, job…) I had always wanted to go and see more of the world. I have had a prevaliged childhood and youth, which has allowed me to see parts of the world and experience more then most but I wanted more… The seed for the main adventure started a number of years ago, I was struggling at work and turns out was burning out from stress and depression. A promise that I made my self and kept me going was that in 2020 I would do whatever I wanted, I just had to get there. And from that dark place this dream started to emerge… a big adventure!